Monday, September 29, 2014

Class Scribe Post

September 29, 2014


  • Do Now
  • Quote Sandwich 
  • Revision Time
  • Peer Critique 
  • Final Rubric Section
Big Learning Targets: 
3.0: I can write to learn about China's History.

Supporting Learning Targets: 
3.1: I can organize a strong compare and contrast paragraph in response to Ties that bind, Ties that break
4.2: I can use evidence to support my claims.

Ms. Vallillo's always there to help!

Talking to partners
        Today, like all days, we started with our Do Now, it was about grading examples of compare and contrast writing. Then we started talking about the difference between Ailin, and Eileen, and what the author was trying to show with the people. A shout out to Sofie for sayizng "Ailin wasn't fitting in in her life, so she had to change her identity, but even then she didn't fit in" because that is very true. 
      Then we moved to grading the paragraphs from the Do Now, together. We all agreed, the three
paragraphs could be graded around 4-6 in organization, content, and ideas. 
        Then, moving on to Quote Sandwich, we watched an EdPuzzle about, well, Quote Sandwiches, and filled in the Writer's Workshop sheet on the back of the Do Now rubric. Then we went to our Ailin Eileen writing to add a quote sandwich.

Sadly, we couldn't get to Revision time, Peer Critique, or Final Rubric Session.

The Homework tonight is to fill out the Rubric sheet.

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