Monday, September 29, 2014

Operation: Preparation

The quarter is ending. Stress is piling up over students' heads. We must prepare for the inevitable. This is the end... of the quarter (dun dun dum!)

Dominik Trajano acting as class scribe
Big learning target:
3.0 I can write to learn about China's history

Supporting learning target:
3.1 I can organize a strong compare and contrast paragraph in response to Ties That Bind Ties That break.

  • Do now
  • Quote Sandwich
  • Revision Time
  • Peer Critique
  • Final Rubric Section
We began the day with the do now as always. Everyone's silent, broken only by the fan and the same annoying kid typing.  Today the familiar sheet of paper showed us three paragraphs that we would have to assess. Two questions followed each of the examples, each saying:1. What grade would you give this example for ideas? Why? followed by: 2. What grade would you give this example for organization? Why? Coincidentally, one of these examples belonged to someone I know very well. In fact I sit in his seat.

After our Do Now was completed Ms. V gave us a mission briefing. She told us that today was all about the preparation for the summative. We then deployed.

We split up into groups answering why Mrs. Namioka had two identities of the same character. I overheard Marcos say "Because she needed to show change" which I thought was quite thoughtful. Many people agreed with him. Then he ran to the bathroom. Raj said that "It was to show the tension between foreigners and Chinese," which I though was also thoughtful. I saw the gears of Isabela's brain turning as Ms. V explained something that I couldn't quite decipher. 

Following this activity, we graded the examples, which made me quite worried for my friend who sits in my seat. So many hands on peoples' foreheads, a good sign of hard mental work. Layla's group I was told had great conversation that I can't tell first hand.

Our favorite coffee-addicted writer: Carol
We then shared our grade of the examples publicly. Ms. Vallillo graded publicly. Example 1 was given 3.5 for ideas and example 3 was given a 4. 

We transitioned into an Edpuzzle video called "Quote sandwiches". Think of a quote analysis as a sandwich. The top bun is an introduction to the quote. The meat is the quote. The bottom is the analysis of the quote. Carol, our resident writer has a quote sandwich that looks like this:

    The Boxers caused problems for even the Chinese. For example, in the text called the Boxer Rebellion it says,"The Chinese were forced to pay money to foreigners," Therefore the Boxers not only killed hundreds of people but also lost a lot of money.

Now we got down to revising. I must do this right now but I will be right back.

We then moved into convention assessing, my least favorite part of writing. Basically, all the grammar snobs in my class got their own time period for their favorite part of writing. I do not know who they are but there are some out there, I can sense them!

An abrupt ending came to our class. We must go now. I am sorry that I couldn't write at my full potential but I was busy today. Goodbye!

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