Friday, September 26, 2014

Class Scribe 26th, September

Isabela Smith

  • Do Now
  • Venn Diagram
  • Writing Time = Strong Paragraph
  • Intro to Rubric Part 2
  • Quote Sandwiches
  • Writing Time 
  • Speed Dating
   In the Do Now we read a text that helps understand more about comparing and contrasting. We learned that compare and contrasting helps readers get a better understanding of the two subjects and their relationship. We also talked about the two patterns so we can organize our compare and contrast essays better, the patterns are alternating pattern and divided pattern. 
  Next we read a rubric, the learning target was organization. We highlighted important phrases and words from the rubric. 
  After that, we got a sheet with a venn diagram and compared and contrasted things on the back of the paper that was Ailin or Eileen or both of them if they has/does those things. So we went with a partner and compare + contrasted Ailin and Eileen. After we had about 4 minutes to put compare and contrast Ailin, Eileen, or both. After that, the whole class came back together and had a discussion.
   Then, we had 20 minutes to have free writing time to work on our Ailin+Eileen essay. WE had to decide to write our essay in alternate or divided essay patterns.  Thats all for today here are some helpful links if u missed friday.

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