Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tracking Learning Targets

Today we focus on Tracking Learning Targets, because thats what we did for the majority of the class

Our agenda includes:
Do Now
Tracking learning Targets
Gallery Walk
Close Reading
Exit Ticket

Class Scribe Post
Do Now Work pg. 1
Questions in the do now relate to Friday's trip to the library, also questions about learning targets. And a question about the meaning of a class scribe and why do we have a class scribe. Highlighted questions are 3 and 4. The teacher addressed the 3rd question which is: What is a learning target.
Tracking Learning Target
We are going to learn how to track learning targets as a class and then we are going to track it individually. Why do we need to break down the big learning target to little tiny pieces? So that we can handle them. Reviewing the Big Learning Target 1.0 and 2.0 and how to track them. On big learning target 1.0, we are going to put these little green circles where it corresponds, so someone got a 2, they put the green circle in the 2 section. Row number 2 goes to put the green circles on the chart, they do it quietly and efficiently.
The class took out their computers so that they can go to google docs, the class checks if they have a humanities folder which leads them to a doc. We are focusing on the little goals and not the big goals. We have a doc that tracks our learning targets which you can find here.

Tracking is a lot of hard work, and the question is Why do we bother tracking our learning targets?  
The majority of the class said that it helps us focus and keeps our progress towards our goals

Investigation: Gallery Walk
Gallery Walk is when we are free to walk around and look at images that are lying on the floor. The teacher shows an image of a man with a map of China and one man that is from the US, holding a US flag with a US costume. We may wonder, is this an American cartoon? Did American murder chinese?
Guide to Gallery Walk
Conversation: None
Help: Raise your hand
Activity: Your Work
Movement: Walk to different areas of the class. Go to many areas and explore
Participation: Workin’ hard, pen moving, observing, thinking, questioning
General suggestions: Don’t stay in one area look for more pictures, and actually think about it.
General Questions
Is it mandatory that we see everything? no.

The class is working, some are in one area, and then another few are in the other part of the class, working away in a corner.  The class observes the pictures that were put up on wall or on the ground, they saw as once people called meeting to expulse the Chinese, and how women suffered the shoes that they were forced to put on and had to deal with foot deformity, and how foreigners in China were treated badly because they believed that the gods didn’t want that. Also the fact that they called it barbarism when a Chinese fought a man in the other parts of the world, but then they called it civilization when a Policeman beat a Chinese that was traveling. As the class observes they learn about the dislike of China in the past and the present and how women were forced to have their feet deformed to fit shoes.
Interesting Prediction
Maybe they invited foreigners and then they made them bind their feet

Question Time on the back of Do Now (Last page)
1. Observation: What are two memorable images or quotes that stick out to you? What about them makes you remember them?
2. Prediction: What do you think happened during this time period in China? This should be at least a paragraph and should include a lot of description.
3. Question Bank: What are some questions you have about this time in China? The space below should be filled with questions.
When the class finishes we are prepared to move on to the next subject on the agenda and the last subject: Exit Ticket

Thats all folks!


  1. This blog post is amazing. I love how you had no grammar errors and that you were enthusiastic in you writing. You really did a good job on explaining exactly what we did. Great job Baltasar!

  2. Baltasar, I think that your post was very well written and had cool humor at the end (that's all folks). I liked how you explained the gallery walk and how we should behave during it. Also, it's pretty cool how you organised your paragraphs. It's like the learning target 3.6 where you use conventions to communicate. Finally, I like how you added many pictures to support your text, like learning target 3.4. Good job!

    1. Cata you did a really good job on explaining everything Baltasar did. Your blog post was really good

  3. You did a great job and your post was great. You checked your spelling and didn't miss any details for what we did. I enjoyed the extra detail of the class agenda. Great job

  4. I think you did a really good job at doing the class scribe. I liked the way you started the post by saying what we focused on this day.

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  6. Baltasar, that was a great post. You summarized and explained everything, while also giving details and facts. You made good use of multimedia, you used photos and links. I recommend you to check your grammar, because there were minor mistakes here and there, but nonetheless, it was a good post.

  7. I really liked your blog post and I think that you really accomplished the learning target 3.2.Good job Baltasar.

  8. AM
    Good Job Baltasar! I saw that you put in all of the relevant facts of what we did in class. You stayed on topic and never talked about anything else. I also liked how you put in some pictures and link to another page. .