Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All About China

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By: Rachel working as a Class Scribe
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        Today in humanities class we learned new vocabulary words that we are going to use during the year! Something I liked about this part of the class is how Giulia and Sofi worked hard. They helped each other while working!
Reading and understanding the text!
          Today we also worked on a really challenging text that the teacher gave us, and she told us to read and write comments, ask questions, and talk to the text! That is something our class is really good at. Today, Kayla and Lucas worked really hard on that. When they were in doubt about something they first asked each other and didn't ask directly to the teacher.
Nina and Sebastian working hard!

          We are studying about China. Was there a war? Is their government Communist? Why are there armed soldiers on the streets? Those were some questions that we had when we saw pictures and information about the topic!

Homework of the Day:


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  1. I liked how you included animated pictures. Another thing that was also a good thing about you text is that you included alot of detail in your texts.

  2. I like how you included a video and gifs, its very rare to see these in blog posts. Also liked how you put paragraphs next to pictures and the format of your blog post

  3. I like how you including moving pictures and videos also how your writing was super enthusiastic. You did a good job!

  4. I liked that you put a video and I also liked the pictures and you really showed that you can use technology and multimedia to reflect on the learning in writing.

  5. Awesome job!! I liked how you really grabbed attention because I was looking through all the posts and when I saw yours I really felt like reading it. I also really liked how you did short and informative writing because if it was toooooo long then it wouldn`t interest people.


  6. Hey Rachel!
    Great blogpost! I liked how you included moving pictures! that really caught my eyes to read more of your post. It was great that you talked about how some of the partners cooperated (btw thanks for mentioning me on the post :) ) I also think it was great that you added a video to go with the post. Th only thing I would change in the post was the smiley face. I think that it is seriously cool and cute but I dont think it matches anything in the post. That is the only thing that I would change because you blog post was fantastic. One more thing i liked was that it wasnt like a HUGE piece of text bungled up like all the other blog post. Reading like that hurts my eyes 8)

  7. Good job! Rachel, I think you explained really well and was easy to understand what you wrote but I think you could have written more. I really liked the pictures and videos you put on the post. Your post is very interesting!

  8. Hi Rachel!
    I really loved your blog post! It was very unique, because of all the images. The one thing that I thought could have been done a tad better was that the text was missing just a few things, but after that tweak it was cool!

  9. Rachel your post is amazing!!!!!!!!! I think you did a great job in putting so many pictures. Your text was engaging and really good in many ways. I think that all think information was really important and that you put everything we did in class in order and in an organized way.

  10. Rachel- Your reflections, pictures, grammar, ideas and style are all exemplars for your classmates! Well-done! Mr. Engstrom