Monday, August 11, 2014


Written By Isaac Glover Acting as Class Scribe
Putting our test scores on the poster!
Our learning targets:
Big learning targets:
1.0 I can analyze the events that led to the over throw of the empire in china.
4.0 I can read closely in order to learn about history.
Supporting learning targets:
1.1 I can describe the causes and effects of the boxer rebellion.
4.1 I can use a variety  of strategies to determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases.
4.2 I can gist to find the main idea.

Do Know
Tracking learning targets
gallery walk
exit ticket.

Enzo Got straight to his seat when the teacher said to go to your seat.
We started with a Do-Now. The Do-Know included these question What is the book you choose from the library on friday? Do You Like It? Why Or Why Not?, What do you think a learning target is?, Why Do you think we have learning Targets in humanities class?, What is a class scribe? Why is it valuable  To have a class scribe in Humanities Class? Then after finishing it we had to talk with our partners (Who are The people sitting next to us.) About the questions: What do you think a learning target is?, Why Do you think we have learning Targets in humanities class? After that we started looking at our tests. There were two boxes for both big learning targets to who what we got. We put stickers on the score that we got(1-4). After we did that We took a look to see what we noticed. One of the things that we noticed is that there were more 1 than any other. Look at the chart and try to notice something   about this. Than we went to our drive to open up a doc in the humanities folder. We did the same thing on this doc as we did on the poster. When we finished we closed the computer and put the pre-assesment and homework in our accordion folder. Than we looked at a picture and wrote down what we noticed and what we wondered.  Then we started a gallery walk were we would anylize the pictures around the class. Then we had to go to our seats. I would like to say that Enzo (A boy in Class) Went straight to his seat when the teacher said to. Then we talked to our partners about what we noticed. Then we shared with the class. Then We flipped to the back and wrote a debrief of what we did. Then she explained homework and we left.

Just a reminder Homework is peer critique class scribe (Page # 3)


  1. I think you were really good. I had all the information that you had to put. I think you did a great job when explaining the homework and the learning targets.

  2. Isaac,
    I think you did an amazing job as the class scribe!! You added a lot of details and you tried your best even when you lost your video ! I noticed that you were awesome in achieving the learning targets. I also noticed you did a student appreciation! You added pictures and a video!!! you put the exact learning targets and everything we did. Great job Isaac!

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  4. I like that he did lots of details and he put the big learning goals and little learning goals. He did good putting multimedia (videos, links, pictures).

  5. Hey Isaac!
    That is a very well written post! I liked how you explained everything about what we did yesterday and you wrote it with so much detail! I also thought that it was really helpful that you wrote our homework at the bottom of the post to remind us about what we need to do if we forgot.I also thought that putting pictures with captions was a good idea. Your title caught my attention when I read to.

  6. Isaac, I really liked how you explained what we did in class. This reminds me of the learning target 3.6. It was really easy to follow and understand your post.

  7. Isaac, I really like how you explained what happened in class!

  8. Issac you wrote a post with lots of details in relation to the Learning Target 3.2. Also you made a balance of images you puted in your blogpost related to the learning target 3.4. And you wrote your post with no mistakes good job.

  9. Issac, you did a great job in relation to the learning target 3.2. You had a balance of images and you wrote your post without mistakes. your writing had relevant facts and the description was engaging. Wonderful job.