Thursday, August 28, 2014

Class Scribe, August 28, 2014

By Victor Vieira  Acting as Class Scribe
Date: August,28,2014

Big Learning Targets:
 1.0 I can analyze the conflict between tradition and progress in China at the
beginning of the 20 century.
 4.0 I can read closely in order to learn about China’s history

Supporting Learning Targets:
1.1 I can explain the causes and effects of important moments of conflict between the Chinese and foreigners  
4.3 I can identify a sequence of events in a text.
4.2 I can gist to find the main idea

Our agenda:
- Do Now
- Create Our Timelines
- Image Analysis
- Close read pt 1
- Quiz Quiz Trade

Today we started with the Do Now, we had to sign into popplet, then we answered questions that we wrote on our popplet. Ms.Vallillo told us to fill in a chart that said  Important Date and on the other side it said What Happened. The class is sharing information about the Boxer Rebellion because the are filling a timeline hanging on the the roof.
Photo on 8-28-14 at 2.14 PM.jpg
Gabi and Nick hanging their dates

Now we moved on to the Image Analysis, the class is looking at a image with a person from England with octopus hands holding the world. The class is filling a chart as  they ask questions and wonder why the Political Cartoon has England controlling the world. The class moved on to to the second Political cartoon. There are many animals in the picture, each animal is representing countries. The Dragon from China is dead in the middle of all the other animals, holding weapons. The third image is a English man force feeding a Chinese man Opium
(a drug). Marcos and Andre think that  that they are forcing Chinese to get addicted to Opium, so China buys Opium. Image four is the map of China with a bunch of colors around it. At the bottom it says the countries taking over, France, Germany, Japan, Russia  and Britain controlling the most part. The class thinks that the colors mean the places controls by the foreigners

We moved on to the Close Read, the class is gisting and talking to the text. They answered questions. Ms. Vallillo gave the class a set of directions 1. Read 2. Gist 3. Use Strategies. Then we did Quiz Quiz Trade one of the most exciting things about Humanities .
            I want to give a shoutout to both Marcos and Andre for highlighting and gisting. 

The homework is read chapter four and Double Entry Journal  


  1. Great blog post Victor! I liked that you didn't put many pictures and put many information. I think that you did a really good job at putting relevant facts only. I really felt like I was listening to the lesson too. But I think you could put more information about what we learned. But GREAT JOB!!!! :)

  2. Well done! I loved that you put in a video, at least for me it makes the blog post more interesting. You also got an awesome amount of pictures. Again nice job.

  3. Good Job! I liked that you only put 2 pictures and a video, because that is enough to describe what we did in media. You went into to good detail about we did in class. Also, you put the pictures next to the text. So, it is kinda explaining what we did in class with in the picture.

  4. Victor, your post was probably the best i have seen so far, it had many details and you wrote it very clearly and i really like your style of writing. You wrote every event of the class in a very nice format and I thought that that was very good. Over all, I really liked your post and thanks for the shout out!

  5. I think you had a great post. I liked how you put the good information that we did in class The pictures matched perfectly with what you said and you even put captions. Great job on your blog post Victor!

  6. Good Job Victor, you had specific details of what we did in class and had just two pictures. You also put a video to show what we were doing in class. Good Job!!

  7. Victor,
    You did a good job on details, student appreciation,a lot of writing, and you also added a video!I think you did a good job!