Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Class Scribe, August 25, 2014

    Class Scribe: Felipe Verdi
Date: August 25, Day B

Our Agenda:

 - Do Now
 - Word Nerd #3
 - Writers Workshop: Word Choice
 - Work time: Revisions
 - Peer Critique
 (F) - On-Demand Reading: Gisting

Big Learning Targets:

 I can develop my blog post about today's class with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, descriptions, and examples.

I can use technology and multimedia to reflect on my learning in writing.

 I can use the conventions of writing to communicate.
Marcos Working Hard on the Do Now

      Today and almost every day, we started off doing the Do Now. During the Do Now today we searched the  Humanities Blog and posted 1 ~ 2 comments on the class scribe posts. Also, we answered some questions on the do now paper.


  After we finished the Do Now sheet of paper, we started doing
 the Word Nerd #3. We had 10 min to start looking at the new Ties
 that Bind set of words called Ties that Break in Quizlet. The words were:

The Words

The Paper 
    Then we entered EDpuzzle and watched a video about Writers Workshop: Word Choice.   In the video someone was high-lighting and making the persons text about the Boxer Rebellion. After we watched the video, we worked on a piece of paper that asked Adding Academic Vocabulary then What? and Why?.


 Finally, we started working on the Work time: Revisions better known as the Quick Write. I would like to congratulate the class for being so hard workers and by concentrating on the work. Many of them got a bunch of work complete on the quick write today.  
A class of hard workers

- To read and put postages in Ch.3 in Ties That Bind, Ties that Break. ( Due to August 26th)

 - Finish Quick Write ( Due to August 28th)


  1. Good job Felipe! You used lots of pictures so you make your post more interesting and you used it to give more info.

  2. Good Job! I think you did a great job at being the class scribe but I think you could put more deeper information about it. But good job at being the class scribe!! :)

  3. Good Job! I liked how you put in a good amount of pictures. But, I also think you could put a little bit more information.

  4. good job Felipe.v I think you did a great job because you added lots of pictures to support your text and you positioned them right next to your text so you could show evidence. I Also like how you added specific details of what we did that day and what our homework was.