Thursday, August 28, 2014

Class Scribe: Aug 28, 2014

Class Scribe: Felipe Dias
Date: August 28, 2014

Our agenda today:
  • Do Now 
  • Create our timelines 
  • Image analysis
  • Close read pt 1
  • Quiz quiz trade
Today's big learning targets:
  • 1.0 I can analyze the conflict between tradition and progress in China at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • 4.0 I can read closely in order to learn about China's history.
Today's supporting learning targets: 
  • 1.1 I can explain the causes and effects of important moments of conflict between Chinese and foreigners
  • 4.3 I can identify a sequence of events in a text.
  • 4.2 I can gist to find the main idea.
             Today we started the day with a big Do Now. In it, we had to login in our popplet account and answer the questions we had once said. Then, we had to ask some more questions based on what new information we had. Lastly in our do now, we had to skim through Ties That Bind, Ties That Break to find important dates and write them. We also had to write the dates in post it notes and put them in our timeline ( A little line in the ceiling of the classroom with important dates of the history of China.

             The second thing today was that we did image analysis. We looked at the images we saw when we first were studying about China. Then, We wrote what we saw and then what we thought. After that, we had to ask some questions. We then had to share and fill the information with your partner. We also investigated the rest of the images with our partners. One of the images we investigated and the paper we stated our thoughts on are put below this paragraph:

Lara is Working EXCELLENTLY alone and is really progressing in her images

                  The third thing we did was the Close read pt 1. We could chose between the challenge and the super challenge. If you got the letter A on your desk you would have to read paragraph 1-6, If you got the letter B on your desk you would have to read paragraph 7-12. We practiced talking to the text and asked some questions. The steps we had to do were:
Then, we shared our info with our partners.
There is another page:

                  The last thing in the day was Quiz Quiz Trade. We each got some postcards and tested each other.

Homework: Ch.4 of Ties that bind+ Double entry journal

Due today: Quickwrite #1
Ask me if the video doesn't work or has technical problems.


  1. Felipe I like your blogpost enough, but I think you went a little overkill on the pictures. You have to learn to balance the media. You tell the story, not the pictures. Try to use a little more text next time. Good luck!

    1. I also thought of that while I was making this post. But, I thought there was no way of showing all the things.

  2. Nice work on the blog. I really like how you used so many different things, like pictures and videos.

  3. Felipe, OMG your post is awesome! You put some awesome pictures and even a video! You were very detailed. Good job.

  4. Felipe I like your blogpost, because of these two pieces of information. First you wrote your post with facts of what we did in class in relation to the learning target 3.2. Seccond you you used technology to show what was the class was doing and to reflect their learning and writing related to the learning target 3.4.