Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lit Circles Today!

By Dominik T. acting as class scribe

Big Learning Targets:

  • 5.0 I can effectively participate in high-quality, text-based discussions

Supporting Learning Targets:

  • 5.1 I can follow norms of discussion
  • 5.2 I can set goals for discussion

Big events today:

  • Chapter 1 double-entry journal
  • Lit Circles

We started our day with the do now . It explained the process of conversation. The first step is thinking. It is what you do when you want to form what you say. Telling is creating a vocal output of the thinking towards another individual or group. Listening is when you process the vocal output. Asking when you need more information. It is very important to ask in case some there is confusion or left out information on the subject. Ms. Vallillo has the class to go around and discuss in their own words what they think the 4 parts mean.

We split up into groups of 3 and 4. A low hum of the sound of information spread across the room. All conversing the traits of conversation.

Block 4 swagged the roof off with 2 scholar swags within the first 10 minutes of class. One for being ready and one for jotting down info. Swag on everyone.

We pulled out our double entry journal and people began writing right away. The Lit circle test had begun. Rubbing of chairs squeaked. Heads down with the pencils down oops, I have to  pause to take the quiz.

The quiz only had three questions. The questions were “ About how much money do you think Ailin family has? What is Ailin’s amah’s job for the family? Who is the little boy that Ailin meets in chapter one. What do you think? Answer in the comments. By a finger survey on a scale of 1=understood it well 5=didn’t really understand the quiz, most people felt comfortable with the difficulty of the test but a few 4s in the air.

The Double Entry journals were pulled out all you could here was the occasional page riffle, pencils scratching, and the annoying class scribes super loud typing. A double entry journal is a worksheet that requires you to write down quotes from a book, then next to it write down a thought or note you had about that quote.

Ms. V explaining the rubric
The rubric was pulled out. 5.1 is I can come prepared for discussion. 5.2 is I can follow discussion norms. Again the groups of threes and twos broke up into the buzz of knowledge.
Together we decided in our own words how to get a certain grade. We said that you should set norms by creating a gentle example and “not being the rude policeman.”
We were handed a sheet that said this:

Discussion Norms:
Stay on Topic
Listen actively
be respectful of other’s opinion
come prepared
share the floor
follow along with the text.
Discussion Agenda:
1 minute-Review Norms
1 minute-Membership activity: share food and music
2 minutes-Clarifying question
6 minutes-Deeper Question

Catalina, Sophia, and Matt participated in a amazing performance of a horrible lit-circle Everyone noticed that they were sleeping, they were talking in annoyed way, didn’t talk about the topic, walked away, and acted badly in general. Afterwards they took part a good jazz-hand worthy discussion. The class pointed out that they respected others opinions, stayed on topic, shared the floor, came prepared with there book, followed the text, and had a great intellectual conversation.

On the back of the sheet we were handed out everybody wrote the goal they wanted to accomplish in discussion. On the top of that same side was a T-chart. One side said, “Someone said….” The other side said, “I think…” We must fill out your thoughts about other people’s thought.

The discussion begins. I am sitting in a group composed of Balthazar and Karishma. All groups like us are using flip cams to record our discussion. We discussed what was on the agenda. Karishma doesn’t like certain kinds of music and likes dogs and sushi. Balthazar likes milanesa.
Karishma wondered if Ailin was too young to have her feet bound. Ms. Vallillo comes over and observes our conversation. Since Balthazar is restless, Karishma may feel unheard because of him laying down. We all sorted out the messages and got it all sorted out. Ms. Vallillo points out the good points of the groups discussion.

Today we caught a glimpse of a lit circle. No doubt that there will be more. Shout out for all the kids that took in the stragglers without partners during discussions. Shout out to Raj for helping me with my charger when my battery was in jeopardy. Shout out to Catalina and Rachel for going straight to the shelves when they were done. 

Alright that's my blog post. Hope you all enjoyed I think I did okay, not great, still I am excepted feedback. That's it for now Happy Humanities!

Bring the papers from today.

The Ties That Bind the Ties That break


  1. Dominik I really enjoyed reading your interesting Lit Circle blog post. I was laughing and learning all at the same time. I even shed a single tear. I wondered if I might be able to recruit your help in writing my medical residency personal statement as you seem to be a really talented writer with a strong voice. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dominik, Great work on capturing the learning in your class. This is so thorough and descriptive that it makes me feel like I was there! Can't wait to come in and see some of the lit circles live now.

  3. Loved your great job Dominik. You put so much reverent facts I thought I was with you. You placed your photos at the right place. Excellent job!!!!

  4. Great job! I really thought that I was really inside the class! You also didn't put too many pictures and just put relevant facts, A LOT of details and also examples. You also explained really well about the literature circles that we did! Great Job!!! :)