Monday, August 18, 2014

Class Scribe of the day: Thereza Protasio

Written By Thereza as Class Scribe
•Do Now
•Review Reading Strategies
•Word Nerd 2
•Lit Circle Resources (Calendar,targets,sheets)
•Workshop: Prepping for Lit circles
•Begin Quick Write #1
•Check-in: Class Scribe

The first thing we did today was our Do Now.
Today’s Do Now was about reading strategies. 3 out f the four question were about reading strategies that we already know about and when do we use them and why. It was asking about Gisting, Using Fix-up strategies, and Turning the title into a question.The last question on the Do Now was about if there are strategies you like to use. 
After checking in our Do Now with our partners, Ms.Vallillo asked us to open up our computer and open a doc called Our Reading Strategies Toolbox.With this doc we were reviewing  our reading strategies. The doc was similar with our Do Now. It was asking when and why do we use these strategies This is a photo of a complete doc. I would like to appreciate Eric because he went to work right away when Ms.V told us to insert a link inside our docs. 
Then we moved on to the second activity on our agenda! WORD NERD!  We all went to Quizlet and studied and looked at the new words Ms.V put on the site. We all started taking mini tests, Flash cards, scattered,and we also did Race. All these mini games our with words so that we can learn the meaning having fun! Ms.Vallillo started giving out nerd glasses to people that were concentrated and working hard!
The next thing we did was that Ms.V was telling us were we could find a calendar saying what was do when and what we had read. If you are wondering how to find it just go on our humanities blog and then there will be something called Important Sources. Under that there are two links Digital Timeline and Literature Circle Calendar you will just click on the Literature Circle Calendar and a doc will pop up. you can bookmark that page and can do anything you want so it is easier instead than king to veracross.

Later we talked about the prologue of the book Ties that bind ties that break. Everybody got a sheet and had to write a quote that he or she thought it was important and write a thought why or something they thought about. I would like to appreciate Nina for doing an awesome job on doing writing information on her paper. She did a neat job and also had a lot of details and thoughtful questions and thoughts. (I took the photo when she was not done yet)
Finally we started reading the first chapter of Ties that bind and ties that break!! While reading the first chapter we also had to fill out a sheet for it and it was the same one for the prologue! We ended up not doing our begin quick write. Here is a picture of the sheet!                             ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
 Finish Chapter 1 of Ties that Bind and do Double Entry sheet
      Here is a video of the class working quietly.

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