Thursday, August 21, 2014

Humanities Thursday, August 21

By Kayla: The Class Scribe
Thursday August 21, 2014  Day D
  • Do Now
  • Quick Write Work Time
  • Workshop: Details about Causes and Effects of Boxer Rebellion
  • Peer Critique 
  • Formative Assessment #1  
  • Prep for Literature Circle #2

Big Learning Target:

3.0 I can write to learn about Chines history.

Supporting Learning Targets:

3.6 I can use academic vocabulary in my writing.


 Finish reading Chapter 2 in Ties That Bind and do the Double Entry Journal on the side that says Chapter 2. Make sure to include 3 quotes and three thoughts. 

Thanks for helping us Ms. Vallillo

          The first thing we did was our Do Now. We had to get out two papers and open up our Quick Write. A Quick Write (in our class) is when there are a couple of prompts and we have to choose one. The prompts tell you who you have to write the Quick Write too and what what you have to write it about. It also tells you who you are in the writing and what kind of writing it is. 
          The next thing we did was look over the rubric and find the causes and effects of the Boxer Rebellion. We all discussed what the difference between getting a six and getting a four is with the person sitting next to you. When I discussed with my partner we came up with a lot of differences.                  
          After we finished, we got to work on our Quick write a little bit more. I chose Prompt 1, but other people could have chosen prompt 2. Prompt 1 was you were a Boxer and you had to write a letter to your mom telling the moment you chose to be in the rebellion. Prompt 2 was you were a foreign missionary and you are writing a letter to your sister telling the the story of the moment you were stuck in the compound, fearing for your life, while the Boxers were attacking. A missionary is a person sent on a religious mission, especially to promote Christianity in a foreign country.  

Colin doing nice work.

        The last thing we did was a quick test on the Boxer Rebellion and the Vocabulary that we have been studying on Quizlet. The homework that night was to study our vocabulary on Quizlet. The quiz was graded a 4-1 not 7-1. If any of you do not know what that means, it is our new grading system. Mrs. Vallillo said that the test would not take long and it really didn't take very long, but don't rush through the test just take your time.   

        I would like to thank Sebastian because he did such a good thing today. He raised his hand when he didn't understand something. He wasn't scared either. One of his questions was something I was wondering, but I was to scared to ask, I was waiting for someone else to ask the question. Great job Sebastian!    

Everyone did such a great job doing what they were
suppose to do when they were finished with the test.



  1. Kayla, I really liked your definitions under your images. I also think that you can use multimedia and technology to make or use in a blog post. I also noticed that you arranged your images and your text clearly and easier for me to understand. You used great detail in your post that was very good, Rachel.

  2. Great Job Kayla. This post has a great amount of pictures. I like how you grouped the pictures together. You have a lot of digital media like a video and a lot of pictures. It was really great how you gave a student appreciation. Your writing is great but I noticed that their were two errors in paragraph 4. "it is are grading system" is soppused to be "It is our grading system", and "if any of you doesn't know..." is soppused to be "and if any of you don't know...". If I wasn't in class I would know a lot more about the test than if i had just gone to the missing work bin. Why did you say the homework of the day before?

    1. Thanks Isaac. I will make sure to correct those errors. I said the homework from the day before because I wanted to add a little more information about Quizlet.

  3. Kayla,
    Your post was amazing. you had tons of information that was really helpful when it came to understanding what we did. Thee post itself looked interesting and that caught my eye because it was in such a good order. Your post is great!!

  4. Nice work your descriptions were amazing. Thanks for the shout out.

  5. Kayla, you did a great job with your post. I really liked how you had many images and a video to show how people were working, also showing what we did in class. I also liked how you put links to what was what we did in class, also important were was underlined. You also did a great job on writing a lot and putting in order like we did the test then written, You did awesome!

  6. Kayla,
    Your post was extraordinary. I liked that you had lots of student appreciations and I see that we and you did an amazing job working in class that day. There were no mistakes except the first learning target and others like the ones Isaac said, which was: I can write to learn about "Chines" history . But I chose to comment on this because this blog post caught my attention.

  7. Kayla,
    Like everyone said your post was amazing! You had a lot of fantastic pics and videos. Your post was sooo organized an neat that it captured my attention. Great Job!!!!

  8. Kayla,
    I think you did a awesome job on multimedia and your text! Like Isaac said there were some errors but otherwise your post was long, you used good vocabulary, and you made a collage with photos. Good job Kayla!

  9. Good job Kayla! This is a great post. All things were done well in relation to all the learning targets necessary. I love the framing of the photos and how it still wasn't distracting. You went in to lots of detail of our day, and no detail was unnecessary. I hardly found any conventional errors. Great Job again!

  10. Wow!! You did a AWESOME job on the blog post. I really enjoyed it and also I really felt that I was in the lesson together and also you put a lot of details and information. You put pictures that explained what we did and also you just put relevant facts! Great job! :):):)

  11. Great job Kayla! You an awesome job on the multimedia. Also you did an awesome job at not having spelling mistakes! I love how I can see that you worked hard on this. Again great job!

  12. Good Job! I like how you went into to detail on the important things we did in class. You also put in a good amount of pictures and links. I did find some errors, ( but not that many ) but Isaac already mentioned them.

  13. Kayla, I loved your blogpost. I loved there was so much info and so many details in your blogpost. I also think that you had a great balance of pictures. Thus blogpost was amazing!

  14. Great job Kayla! You posted A really nice post. You matched the pictures with the text and your post made me feel like I was in the class. Nice job

  15. Good Job Kayla! It was a very good post. You put relevant facts about what you guys did in class. You also put some very awesome pics and labeled them. You did a very good job!

  16. You have a really good post!!! It has great details and great pictures and videos!! I'm from the other Ms.Vallillo class but you did a great job!!!