Saturday, August 23, 2014

Humanities Friday, August 22

  •    Do Now: Edpuzzle
  •     Literature Circle Quiz
  •     Discussion Skill #2
  •     Set Discussion Goal
  •     Literature Circle #2
  •     Debrief
  •     Reading Time (if left )

Lara Working really hard!!
 So first, we did our Do Now and signed up to Then,we did our learning Target Tracker sheet,
 we had to do the Learning Target 3.5 - Vocab,
  then 4.2 - Gisting, 5.1 - come prepared, 
and finally 5.2 - Following Norms. I really liked how Lara really focused   in her work and wasn't doing anything eles.
Learning Target Poster!
       After that, we got some green dots that represented our grades for the Learning Targets. We did really well in doing it quietly and very fast. Then, we did a quick reading test to see if we read the book which was for home work. We did a Literature Circle Quiz which I personally think we did well. 

        Then I had to leave to go to the nurse, 
but according to the agenda I think we had to do our Discussion Skill #2,
Set Discussion Goal, Literature Circle #2, Debrief, 
and if there was time left Reading Time.

          Hw read Ties that Bind chapter 3, but no paper hw to turn in!



  1. I really liked how you put a picture of someone working and then you wrote of what she was doing. Also I really liked how you wrote the agenda for the day, last but not least I liked how you wrote that you weren't in class all the time because you were sick and you still managed to write what we did in class. Good job!

  2. Good job Giullia. You have a couple of good pictures. You added some great detail and a student appreciation. I noticed that you had forgot to put "post by Giullia acting as class scribe." This is just a reminder for the next post. I like how you put that you didn't know what happened because of going to the nurse, but inferred what happened due to the schedule.

  3. I really liked how you explained what happened on Friday with just a few words, I also liked how you said you went to the nurse but you predicted what happened. Actually there is only homework for tuesday and it is to read chapters 3 and 4 and do the double entry on them.

  4. Giullia I like your blogpost, because you wrote the things we did in class last friday in relation to the learning target 3.2.Also you wrote an agenda in your blogpost related to the learning target 3.4. But, the things you need to improve is to write more in your post in relation the learning target 3.2. And you need to put more facts related to the learning target 3.2.

  5. Giullia, I like your blog post. But for someone who was not in that class, I can't picture being there at all.

  6. Giullia, I like how your blogpost was full of relevant facts of the day. Still, I think that it needs to be more clear of what you did in class. Add a little more detail to the writing.