Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boxer Rebellion

Class scribe: Rachel H.
Date: August 21,2014


  • Do now
  • Quick Write Work Time
  • Workshop: Details about causes+effects of Boxer Rebellion
  • Peer Critique
  • Formative assessment #1
  • Prep for Literature Circle #2

The learning targets of today:
3.0 I can write to learn about Chinese history
3.6 I can use academic vocabulary in my writing

When everyone came into the classroom they stated to do their "Do now".
Do now

-The "Do now"
Arthur working with the "Do now"

They were suppose to get the boxer rebellion sheet and get their jigsaw Recording form.

                                                                                                                                     Arthur working with the "Do now" -

We started to make a letter to our own families saying that we were boxers or we were foreigners fighting for boxers.

When they finished their "Do now" they started to read "Ties that bind, Ties that break"!!!!! :)

Peer critique: Quick write

We were discussing about the rubrics in pairs

Then with our partners we discussed about the important things about the text.

  • Workshop: Details about causes+effects of Boxer Rebellion
We highlighted the important information in our sheet of Boxer rebellion.

We saw some GREAT! conversation around the group works!!!

After we were continuing to finish our letters to our families. We imagined that we were Boxers or Foreigners.

People doing their Formative assessment

We paused for a second and we cleared our tables and got ready. We started our formative ASSESSMENT!!!!!!! Our homework was to finish a sentence in the sheet and also go to Quizlet and learn all the vocabulary words . When we were finished we started to read the book "Ties that bind, Ties that break". Also we are going to do the literature circles about chapter two tomorrow!!

Our homework was to read the whole chapter 2 of "Ties that bind, Ties that break" to get ready of our literature circle!!
Also do the double entry journal  : Ch. 2 and REMEMBER! 3 Quotes and 3 Thoughts!
Due Friday!


  1. Hi Rachel. I love your blogpost. It included a lot of important details. Your post was really positive and you put the pictures in the right place because sometimes people can put pictures in places that don't make sense. You put everything in your own words not what other people told you to put. I can tell that you really worked hard on your post. Great job! :)

  2. I really liked your blogpost. I think that you did a great job on adding all the information also you did a great job putting all of the pictures at the end of each paragraph. That summarized the paragraphs very well. Good job Rachel.