Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Class Scribe: Jae
Date: August 25th, 2014

Our Agenda:

 - Do Now
 - Word Nerd #3
 - Writers Workshop: Word Choice
 - Work time: Revisions
 - Peer Critique
 (F) - On-Demand Reading: Gisting

 No Homework due Today!!!

  The Learning Targets:

- 3.2 I can develop my blog post about today's class with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, descriptions, and examples.

- 3.4 I can use technology and multimedia to reflect on my learning in writing.

- 3.6 I can use the conventions of writing to communicate.

   The first thing that we do everyday is the Do Now. In the Do Now we were supposed to read and comment on 1 ~ 2 posts on our Humanities Blog.
Besides that we answered some questions in the Do Now worksheet.

   After we did the Do Now worksheet, we had 10 minutes to work on the new set of the Ties that Bind, Ties that Break in Quizlet. And then we went to EDpuzzle and watched a video about the, "Writer's Workshop: Word Choice 1." In the video someone was high-lighting and making Carol's(A Character in the video) Text about the Boxer Rebellion. After the video we wrote what she did in a sheet of paper like this:

After this we got ready High-Lighted details we added from the reading in yellow and High-Lighted academic vocabulary you added in light orange. Also we High-Lighted a sentence in our Quick Write that we thought it had a strong reason. If we finished early than others we went to Quizlet and studied :) !!


 - To read and put postages in Ch.3 in Ties That Bind, Ties that Break. ( Due to August 26th)
 - Finish Quick Write ( Due to August 28th)


  1. Hey Guys and Girls sorry but I forgot to put the Date. I published this post on August the 25th

  2. Nice job Jae Wan. You did an amazing job making me fell like I was there. Next time try to ad more info. and put in the date