Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humanities, Day C

Today, we worked on these things that were on our agenda:
Do now
Vocab Pictures
Boxer Rebellion
quick write
quiz quiz trade
review book calendar
          We started with our Do now which was related to the literature circle we did yesterday. We also shared our literature circle goals. We discussed our goals and we made piggyback's.
         then, we started working on the vocab pictures. Ms.V setter pictures of people and we had to put them on their own category. We had ten pictures and we had to put it in order and explain what the picture is.
        Next, we discussed on text from the boxer rebellion and we answered the questions as a group. We used critical thinking to find out where all the facts were answer the questions.
      After, we started our quick write where we had to write a letter to our family, telling them that I left Forbidden City and how we felt about it. We did it in the google docs. We had a chance to write the letter based on the two prompts that were set on the docs.
     In the 10 minutes left of class, we played quiz quiz trade. We got the word nerd page and a card.
use quizlet to study for vocal formative assessment.
Finish that sentence
study both sets on quizlet.

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