Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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August 20, 2014       By: Guadalupe working as class scribe
Learning targets

1)      3.0 I can write to learn about Chinese history
2)      3.6 I can use academic vocabulary in my writing
  •     Do Now
  •        Vocab pictures Refresh Bower Rebellion
  •        Quick write 1
  •        Quiz quiz trade
  •        Review book calendar

  • Use Quizlet to study for vocabulary formative assessment (Thursday) Or use Link to spelling words
  • complete the “Finsh that sentence” sheet
  • Finish chapter 2 from "Ties That Bind Ties That Break" by Friday

Today, we started our schedule like always, first we finished our Do Now, then we discussed it with our partners, and then we discussed the Do Now as a whole. The Do Now was about the Lit Circles we did yesterday and how the groups work.

Victoria thinking in what else to match

Later on we played a quick and fun game to learn and study the spelling words for the test tomorrow. For the game we had to match all the pictures that Ms. Vallillo gave us with the vocabulary words in Quizlet. These are the words from "Ties That Bind" and "The Boxer Rebellion".

After that we started discussing about the Boxers Rebellion, how it could have been prevented, and who was more affected afterwards.

Moving on with the class we started a really cool activity called Quick write 1. This is an activity in wich you get to act like a person from 1900, when the Boxers atacted the forgeiners, and write a letter about what you are going to do to your family. There aree two options you could act like a chinese that wants to become a boxer or a forgeiner missionary that is traped in China in middle of the Rebellion.

Victoria, Nina, and Leilani discussing
 Even if we were not  finish we had to move on to another activity to help us practice for the test. This activity was different, we had to move around with a card that had a word and a definiton printed on it asking others what their word was and then guesing the definition of the words. This is what it looked like.

This was all we did today and there were no shout outs :( :( 
But we did get some scholar swag!!! :) :)
If you have any difficulies with links please tell me!!!
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  1. Hi Lupe,

    Nice job structuring today's blog post with seamless use of media! Enjoyed all the well-placed photos and videos and found your post easy to read and follow as it replicated well the flow of the class. Sounds like you had some fun and were pretty excited to get ahold of some scholar swag. Well I bet its gonna keep coming with blog posts like that!


  2. Lupe,

    Excellent description of the class and the learning that is taking place. As I read your post, I am able to get a clear understanding of the class structure. I love the photos as well, as it helps bring the class alive for those of us who are not in there every day. Thanks for the energy that you bring to this class, and to 6th grade in general.

    Mr. Tuttle

  3. Nice job on adding in lots of pictures and a link. Also good job at making it clear and interesting.


  4. Lupe,
    You did such an awesome job! You described our whole day very well. I loved that you even made a little place just for HW, Do Now& etc. You chose the pictures very carefully and well and you even put a video! You looked very exited being the class scribe. Your blogpost was excellent and I'm very proud of you.