Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Using Technology in Our Class

Written by: Ms. Vallillo, acting as class scribe

Today's Big Learning Targets:  I can effectively and actively participate in our class community.
                                                      I can develop a growth mindset.
Supporting Learning Targets:  I can develop and follow technology norms for our class.
                                                     I can describe and act on what respect looks like in our class

Today, our class focus was all about using technology.  Finally, we got to crack open our shiny laptops and start typing away!

Our agenda today included:
- Do Now: What does reading really mean?
-  Intro to Using Technology
- Creating our Technology Norms
-  Procedure: What to do if you missed a day

We began with a Do Now that allowed us to reflect on what reading really means.  It told the story of a student who explained to a teacher "I don't know what the story was about.  I was too busy reading it!"  Students discussed how this student was using their Reciting Voice, the voice that reads the words on the page, but not the Talking to the Text Voice, the voice that thinks, asks questions, makes connections, and checks your understanding.  Real reading only occurs when you are using the Talking to the Text Voice in addition to your reciting voice.

Next, we checked in with each other about our homework from the previous night.  With our partners, we discussed whether we had a growth or fixed mindset and how we know.  Most of our class has a growth mindset, or at least tries to have a growth mindset.  However, if something gets challenging, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain that growth mindset.  That's what we will try to work on this year.
The Reading Voices

Then, we took an Oppinionaire about our technology use.  It included questions such as "I check Facebook at least five times a day."  We were very divided on our answers.  Some of us can't help checking our phones or Instagram, while others have no problem ignoring social media while in class or doing homework.

This lead us to a reading called You'll Never Learn!  Students Can't Resist Multitasking, and It's Impairing Their Memory.  We made sure to practice Talking to the Text as we read, writing our thoughts, connections, and questions in the ma

rgin.  We started by turning the title into a question, to set a purpose for reading.  Then, we read the article and discussed how we, as students growing up surrounded by technology, can succeed in school and in our future professions.

Our Technology Norms
After reading research about technology, we created our own class norms around technology.  We wrote these on a poster and agreed that these were all norms we were willing to follow. 

Lastly, we talked about the steps to take if you miss school to make sure you do not fall behind on your work. 

There is no homework tonight, so if you need to multitask a little, tonight is the night to do it!

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