Thursday, August 14, 2014

Class Scribe Post By, Sofia Segall

Do Now
Check-in: class scribe
Quiz quiz trade
Finish that sentence
Into to lit circles
Quick write 1

 Today we started the day off with a Do Now. It was about guiding question. The questions were, which traditions should be kept and which should be broke? How do readers make meaning from text? How does a speaker communicate so others will listen and understand his or her message? After everyone answered the questions, the students met with the person sitting next to them and talked about the questions.
      After that the class did an activity called check in: class scribe. Students wen't to the humanities blog and looked at the scribes so far to grade them. They were looking for the learning target 3.2, I can develop my blog post about today's class with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, descriptions and examples. They were also looking at learning target 3.4, I can use technology and multimedia to reflect on my learning in writing. After grading the class scribes some students shared there answers.
      Then we worked on a paper called Quiz quiz trade, Vocabulary Tracker: China Historical Content Set. You would get together with a person and quiz them. When you are done with that person he or she will quiz you. Then after that both of you go find someone and you quiz them.

    Next we did an activity about preparing for a conversation that would be graded. Ms. Vallillo told us to prepare how ever we wanted. Even if not reading was preparing you could just not read. Then we watched a video about teachers reading. There were teachers which were not reading and just playing with the paper, and there were also teachers which were highlighting the text and reading. If   you want to watch the video click here. After watching the video students talked about the discussion of the lame teachers and the high quality teachers. They also made up 3 norms for the literature circle.  Some of them were:
1. active listening
2. focus on the topic of the discussion - stay on task
3. track the speaker
4. be respectful of others opinions
5. note taking
6. be prepared
Finish That Sentence work sheet


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  1. Good Job! you put in a good amount of pictures. Your description was really good, and you went into detail on the important things we did. I didn't find any errors.