Thursday, August 14, 2014

Class scribe post by Lucas Nigro

This is our schedule for class Aug 14 2014
Raising hands to answer question.

Look at the risk takers: Victoria and Felipe
Look at those hard studious worker on those computers.
 In humanities we started class by doing the do now that is a paper that we do every morning to get our brain ready for class. In the do now we were talking about which traditions should be kept and witch shouldn't. We also started class by doing Peer Critique Scribe that is after a Class Scribe post we see how the person did in the blog and give comments and complements. vocabulary tracker:China Historical is some words that we are learning in class. Some of the words are dynasty, humiliation and boxers. We saw a video about Literature  circles. lame and high discussions. In the video the best one was high quality discussions because t
he people in the video were talking to the text also if someone had a question they talked and told the other people. After watching the video and during we wrote about how the people Had lame and high quality discussion.
Some norms for literate circle.       
  • follow along in the text
  • sharing the floor
  • SlANT
  • come prepared 
  • etc
 Don't forget to bring Ties that bind, ties that break to school tomorrow we are going to use them!Also remember to do China Historical content set 1 sentences.

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  1. great job. I enjoyed reading your class scribe post