Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Humanities block 1, August 26, 2014

class scribe: Leilani

Do now
Discussion skills #2
Literature quiz #3
Literature circle session #3
Vocabulary matching
(F) On demand read: gisting

Big learning targets:
5.0: I can effectively engage in high-quality, text-based discussions with diverse partners
4.0: I can read closely to learn about history

Supporting learning targets:
5.1: I can come prepared to discussion
5.2: I can follow norms in discussion
4.2: I can gist to find the main idea of a text

        Today we started out with the do now, which gave us 3 examples of a literature circle, and asked us which one was best. When Ms. Vallillo asked us which one was best, we unanimously chose 2, which was correct! Later we talked about discussion skills, revisiting that.
Kayla, Laura, and Felipe having a great discussion

      After that was finished, we got back our past quiz's, and for around 5 minutes we did our Literature circle quiz. Then we went on to our discussion, so we broke of into our Lit. groups. After several minutes of reviewing norms, doing membership activities, clarifying things, and deeply discussing chapter 3 of "Ties that bind, ties that break", we went back to our seats, and debriefed it. 
        Soon after that, we did this fun activity called "Vocabulary matching". What we did was we had a bunch of pictures that we had to match with words from our vocabulary on Quizlet  .
Lupe and Victoria working hard on their Vocab matching!

Then, last of all that we did, we did the on demand gisting. What this is, is us reading and article, called " Foot binding: From status symbol to subjugation" and do a 5-10 word gist for each paragraph.      
Ms. Vallillo starting us of

There are no student appreciation's today, everyone did super well!

The homework tonight is to finish the quick write by thursday, And to finish the Gisting paper.


  1. Leilani, I think you did a great job on the learning target 3.2, but I think the writing was too repetitive, next time you do the class scribe post add more details. Great job.

  2. Leilani,
    your post was amazing.You were really descriptive and had tons of information. I really liked how you described the do now and how everybody answered it, it was good to know. I like the way you had the post ordered, but I think that you could put more pictures and multimedia to make the text more catchy and more enjoyable. Your post is awesome even though iit has some mistakes and I think you can do more,