Wednesday, August 13, 2014

By, Gabe the class scribe
Today our big question was I can analyze the events that led to the overthrow of the chin ease emperor.

Today in class like usual we started by doing the do now. The do now was about making a poppet account and sharing it with miss Vallilo.
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Sign up free
Step 3. Put in your information to sign up
Step 4. Choose you password and write it down were you want to.
Step 5. Agree with the terms of service.
Step 6. Then click sign me up.
To save you time the rest of the do now was about making a poppet about Investigation in china
Share it with your teacher. Make a box in the middle saying China at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a good place to put our thoughts into it and and use it like a mind map. Also we won't forget our facts about china.
First we made popples with questions we had about china. One question was who or what are boxers. Another question was why did the boxers rebel, also what does the fists of righteous harmony mean. Also what is opium. A good question we ask was our guiding questions. It was which traditions should be kept.

When this poppet do now was over, We were going to get some pictures and discuss with your partner Which vocabulary word does that mean. We had already know some of the ancient china vocabulary. This was very helpful because we already knew the words but it was educational to see what the words look like. We also played a game were Ms. Vallilo Called a word and we put up the picture as fast as we could have.
Then Ms. Vallilo Gave us a sheet Made us answer questions about the reading we had done the past day. This helped us to refresh our memories of the boxer rebellion. I want to congratulate the while class for being very concentrated on their work. When we finished that work we checked it with some other groups. The conversation in the groups was fun because you could see other peoples ideas. I Learned some really good ideas and even took a video. Also a good thing that we did is we all used six inch voices.
Today my shout out goes to Marcos for being very concentrated and engaged in conversation. The Homework was to get the book ties that bind and ties that break. Have a great wednesday!


  1. Great job! I think you did a great job on being the class scribe! I like the way you put students working! Nice!

  2. I like how you added so many photos good work.

  3. Good work loved it! ;). Very detailed and said exactly what we did.

  4. Gabe, I think you did a really good job on putting every important detail of Wednesdays class and thank you for the shout out!

  5. I liked how you put everything that you had to do in order, so that people that were missing, know what to do

  6. Gabe, you did a good job. You included the important info, like shout outs, homework, and the learning targets.

  7. amazing work and because your post made me fell that i some what in the classroom

  8. Gabe, I like how you put all the steps of the do now on your post. You put relevant facts to make the reader feel that they were in the class.

  9. Good job Gabe!! Very detailed, pictures matched text, good shout-outs!!

  10. Great job Gabe. You had a very reflective and discriptive blog post.