Thursday, March 13, 2014

Class Scribe - March 13, 2014



                                                                   Learning Targets

                                                                          Do Now

                                                                  Vocabulary Story

                                                         Argumentative Writing Activity
                                                           Argumentative Writing Activity
                                                        Argumentative Writing Activity
                                                         Argumentative Writing Activity


                             Today in humanities class, our Do Now was to write a story using the vocabulary words we had studied on Quizlet a few days back. Then, you would share it with two partners and give you feedback. Afterwards, Ms.Vallilo handed out packets of paper with writing activities inside it. We learned about how and why we would write argumentative writing. Then, on one of the pages of the packet, there was a graph where you would mark where you think are at writing so far, developing, beginning, meeting, or exceeding. In the last few minutes of class, Ms. Vallilo explained that our homework was to study for the vocabulary word quiz tomorrow and to complete the vocabulary story.

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