Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Class Scribe - March 12, 2014

                                                                      Our Schedule

                                                                       Our Do Now

                                                               Vocabulary Activity
                                                                  Vocabulary Activity

                                                                   Reading Passage
                                                                   "Theme" Activity
                                                                Reading Theme Activity

                                                                    Our Homework

                Today, March12, we started our class with our Do Now, as always. Today's Do now was the normal checklist of materials and then we had to write sentences using each of the vocabulary words we had learned on Quizlet. After that, we did another vocabulary word activity. Each station in the room was assigned a number and a student. The student writes a sentence using a vocabulary word, but instead of writing the word, he/she puts a blank line. Afterwards, Ms. Vallilo hands out sheets of paper with numbering up to 19 because there are 19 stations in the classroom. The students walk around the room and at each station they visit, they write down on the piece of paper what they think the vocabulary word is for that station. After that, we did an activity to practice finding the themes of stories. With the person sitting next to you, you read a reading passage and then you have to try and figure out the theme of that passage. Then you get a new theme worksheet and with the class, you try and figure out the theme of the same reading passage. The end of class was spent by Ms, Vallilo just reminding us to study for the vocabulary quiz on Friday.

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