Monday, March 24, 2014

Class Scribe. March 24 2014

During Ms.Vallilo's humanities class, on March 2014, the main focus of the class was argumentative writing, debating if the infamous construction 3 Gorges Dam was a good idea.

The first 5 minutes of the class the students were instructed to work on quiz let, studying vocal by playing games to boost there understanding of the words. Next, the class took about 15-20
 minutes to form rebuttals, and preparing for their upcoming debate, with would occur later in the class.  After the students formed rebuttals, it was on and the debates commenced. The students used the arguments and rebuttals that they formed to counter their opposing team's claims, causing heated debate. After that the kids filled out a quick questionnaire to decide their final thoughts on the dam, and then commenced into preparation and first draft writing for for their final argumentitiive writing piece. The writing piece focused on weather the 3 Gorges dam was a good idea to build.

By Jack.M

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