Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Text-to-World Connections" Humanities Class Block 1- February 20/2014

Today in humanities class we started with our normal routine of "Do Now." We had to make Text-to-World connections from texts of the book we are reading, The City of Ember. It was hard to make them,  but there were many good connections.

Do Now From Jack M.

After having time to fill in the "Do Now," we got together to review the answers so we don't get confused or didn't understand. We discussed each quotations and then decided which one would be accurate.  Many connections were very good so we maybe changed our answers to be sure that we don't think about it as the incorrect way. 

Photo By: Juan Pablo (Me)

After reviewing our Do now, we were asked to open a document called "Making Connections to The City of Ember." Our assignment was to choose a quote that is dystopian, then make a connection to our world and then a lesson. Basically it was the same as the Do now but we just had to be more individual by finding the quote. 

Computer From Jack M.

Next, we were supposed to get 3 dates with different people to share out our quotes and connections. The point of this was to share out and clarify if our connections are accurate and relate to the world. We read to each other our connections and then we would talk if it was good and clarify. At the end, we had a better idea of how to do connections more deeply.

By Juan Pablo L (Me)

For the end of the class, we did a Pre-assessment so Ms. V would have an idea of which level you fit in. It won't count as a grade! We hope we all could understand it and did good on!



By: Juan Pablo Lopez R.

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