Friday, February 21, 2014

"4th Literature Circle" Humanities Class - Block 1 - February 21, 2014

Agenda for Today:

Today we started class with our regular "Do Now." In this Do Now, instead of making connections or choosing quotes from the book City of Ember, we were now supposed to read 3 examples and grade them wether if it is high or low quality connection and lesson. It was now easier after practicing yesterday with connections.

"Do Now" From Juan Pablo (Me)

After doing the Do Now, we came back together and reviewed the Do Now. Most of us correctly had good explanations of each example's quality, but if we weren't sure, we got the opportunity to understand or correct our answer. 

Next, since reading chapter 9 & 10 was due today, we did the quiz of both chapters so Ms V can assure you read or understood. It wasn't really challenging. Unless you didn't read..

Chapter Quiz

Then, each person made a goal for themselves like we normally do before every literature circle. We know that this is good to do so we know what we can focus more each discussion. All of us had great expectations so some of us shared them out after making them.

Goal From Anna Clara

We then rapidly reviewed the norms for literature circle before getting to our literature circle groups. Something different this time was that now there were observers from different groups that went to observe a random group. This wasn't new to us since we did do this last semester, but now we are following that routine. I turned out to be one of them and from the group that I observed, they did a great job. Apart from that, each group followed the same routine. At the end, each of the observers showed them what they thought each of them did in each norm. It wasn't confusing after all.

Literature Circle Sheet!                                                    

Observator's Grading Paper! (From me)

Before our minds got worried about the Vocab quiz, we then did a debrief of the conversation or if you were an observer, about the group you heard. There were many different answers from group members like "It wasn't our best conversation," or "I think we did a great job..." That's what the people that did literature circle had to write. Observers wrote about improvements and great things that really showed an effort from the group.

Debrief From Maya

Finally, we ended the class with the... Vocab Quiz! We all studied a lot and did a great job in class when there was activities requiring the word's definition so that's why all of us shouldn't have worried and be confident. I know everyone did good on it...

Vocab Quiz 2!

Lastly, before running out to friday activity, DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR HOMEWORK!

Homework due Tuesday!



By: Juan Pablo Lopez R.

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