Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Class of 2/19!

Today we started the class off with some interesting "do now."  We wrote a story using all of the vocabulary words on City of Ember 2 on quizlet.  It had to be interesting, funny, and a creative story.  Still, we had to use all of the words correctly and the story had to make sense.  We shared it with our partner and checked in if you used the words correctly.

Then we did something called quote questions.  Ms. V put up a question on the board and we answered it.  Some questions required the book, but some didn't.  The ones that had no need of the book could be reasoned with the book though, and it would actually be better if you did.

 We finally learned about dystopia.  A dystopian novel tells about what might happen to the future of the earth, and the City of Ember is one of them.  It often has problems with the governmental society ad the citizens.  We answered some questions too, on the packet.

For homework, read chapter 9 and 10 and be ready for 2 quizzes: City of Ember quiz and the vocabulary quiz!

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