Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Humanities on February 4 for Block 4!

Today we started off with the Do Now which was to write a Blog Post about Command Economy, which we reviewed yesterday.
Students working very hard on their blog post.
Our Agenda for Today!

Then, Ms. V told us to close our laptops and we started a new activity, a Venn Diagram about the two economies, command and market economies!
Ms. V is explaining the instructions.

My materials to start the Venn Diagram.

Alyssa and Henrique are working very hard.
Look at Clara cutting her sentences!

Correcting our work with Ms. V.

All done!
Later, We wrote a quick Synthesis, basically a summary of the two economies.
Manu is very concentrated writing her synthesis.
After, we started Challenge 4, which was to make a children's toy out of the recycled things we brought in. Although, unfortunately, Ms. V can tax us if we do something wrong. Today we are only brainstorming, though.

Wow, P.O.P has some great ideas!

Look at Queen Consolidated at work!
At the end of the day, we organized all of our things and took a survey about our Learning Targets for Ms. V's conference, and then, class ended.

Eric probably has great answers for the survey!

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