Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Humanities class of February 4th 2014

This Humanities class we started the class like always. We got our Do-Now's in the front of them room and did what they told us to do! We had to make a blog post about command economy. We had about 15 minutes to complete it. If you didn't complete it, tomorrow is the due date!

The second thing that we did was a venn diagram about command economy and market economy. We had to cut a bunch of little words/sentences from another piece of paper and see were it belongs. We had to glue them to were we thought it belonged. Later we checked it over with Ms. Vallillo and completed it.

Next thing that we did was challenge 4. Challenge 4 was that we had to make a toy made of the recycled items. We will be supervised buy the government and we could get extra tax and fines. First we started out talking to our group and we tried to come up with an idea. Then we started to build the item as a group.

So today we have no homework except if you didn't finish the blog post we did in class about command economy. I hope you have a nice rest of your day and see you tomorrow!
João Souza class scribe of 2/4/14

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