Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humanities class of February 5th

Todays Do now
Gabe,Juan, Anna and Camila working
Todays humanities class we started working really hard! The Do now told us to go work the minute we saw it! We had 15 minutes to finish building our toy then we had 15 minutes to come up with an ads. Then we presented all of the ads! After that we went to buy the toys. It was so much fun!
Jess and jack performing in their ad

 Thos here is a video! I think that it is the first video of this blog. This shows us buying a calculating how much money we got in total.
So since we started the company that has most stand out was Cash money! They have awsome ideas and great buisnness man. They have a total of 364 humbucks! WOW! I think that that every company is doing great! If you didn't know how much each company has this is the total! REMINDER!!! This is how much each company has at this moment 5/2/14 12:55 p.m

Cash Money:H$364
Pear Inc.: H$151
Silver Genius: H$323
Best Price: H$ -45

Later we reflected about our experience as a company together. Everyone said something good and something bad about working with your group. We mentioned how each person had different ideas and it would be hard to come up with only one Idea. One good thing that we thought wa good was that there was more people to make it so it was much easier.

So finally class ends! What a class! Today for homework we have to study in Quizlet for our vocabulary quiz tomorrow! If you are not sure which set it is it's the economic set! Have a great rest of your day and good luck for your quiz tomorrow!

João Souza Class scribe of 5/4/14

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