Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humanities on February 5 for Block 4!

Today in Humanities we started with a Do Now that led us straight to the activity we were going to do! We had 15 minutes to create a children's toy that passed all of the safety regulations without being taxed. Fortunately, everyone's toys were safe and no one got taxed! We also had to create a commercial for the toy our company made. It was loads of fun!
Fiona and Eric (from company P.O.P) work on their toy!

DAKSA Industries works on planning and building their product.
Clara helps her group, Queen Consolidated, build their toy.

After, we presented our products/toys to the class with the commercial we made, and most of them were very good toys, or products! Congrats!

DAKSA Industries presents their toy.
Look at the spaceship Queen Consolidated made!
Worst Buy presents their awesome invention and lets the class try it out!

After everyone had a general idea of what they wanted to buy, we decided on one person to be the seller, and they got to wear Word Nerd glasses! Then, we sold our products and all the groups got a lot of money!

Thomas (the seller) sells his product to Henrique.
Wow! Fiona and Manu are making great business selling their products!
Later, we wrote a quick debrief about the economies and how we sold the products was a mix of both.

My debrief.
Mariana and Clara are so caught up in their writing!
Get ready everyone! Tomorrow is the big vocabulary quiz! Make sure to study and have a great rest of your day!

The homework: Study for the quiz!

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