Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today's Humanities Class

Humanities Classby Gian 
Nov. 12, 2013
         Today, we started off doing a quiz for the chapter "The Typewriter" on the book Out of Bounds on our computers. We were supposed to be prepared, with our homework and book on the table.

Out of Bounds Quiz
Out of Bounds book and homework sheet ready for class.

     After completing the quiz, we were preparing ourselves to Skype with Bena Kallick, a private consultant providing services to school districts. We were supposed to have a document with questions to ask her during the interview.

Preparing ourselves for the Skype call with Bena Kallick.
Ms. Vallillo's Bl1 Questions.

         When we were prepared, the speakers sat down in front of the computer, the flip camera was prepare to film, and the class photographers were prepared to take photos, and we started to have a conversation with her, asking questions and sharing interesting thoughts, which we really enjoyed to hear. We started off explaining our process on our literature circles, for example: We explained our avaliation, the different types of questions we asked, and others strategies we use to keep the literature circle fueled. Bena asked questions for us, and we explained it very delicate so she could understand, so the conversation could flow. We also had a moment in the interview that we were the ones who asked questions and she explained it. We asked questions like: What attracted you about our activity in class? How did you came up with the book? (Habits of Mind).
Students watching the interview and taking notes
Flip camera filming our Skype call with Bena  Kallick

Speakers talking with Bena

         There was a lot of good quality questions, and none of them were lame ones. Bena explained that we use our habits of mind everyday in our lifes. I think we were really organized, and nothing wrong happened during the interview. Her last question was: Are you curious about the habits of mind? We were really curious about that question. When the interview ended, we sented the questions documents for her, so she can think about it. We made a short debrief, of where to find the information of Bena's Skype call: This blog post, questions document, your brain, and others. With all the information, we made some connections and Ms. Tolisano explained and talked more about habits of mind. We created a list of some habits of mind and then Ms. Tolisano explained what was each habit. We came up that no one has all habits of mind. We can reflect with habits of mind and with that, we can have a better version of ourselves in our literature circle.

Ms. Tolisano debriefing with the class about our habits of mind.
Here is a list of some of the habits of minds:


  1. Gian, I think your post was really good and you were very specific. On the other hand, you could write down or take a picture of our learning targets, purpose, and agenda. But otherwise, your post is really good.

  2. I like how you were really descriptive in what you wrote because it gave me a really good imagination. Also, I like the list of the habits of mind because when people are reading this, we can know how we are doing with our thinking. Overall, I think it was great!

  3. I like how you wrote really long paragraphs to explain everything that happened very thoroughly. I thought that the list of some of the habits of mind was a very good idea so that people can really see them bold and out there. The photos were great, really showed it was a Skype call, making it so that everyone can see what it really is. It was step by step of what happened and it was clear. Good job.

  4. Although I am not in this class I think Gian did a really good job posting pictures and adding words that describe the things you guys did on that day, I really enjoyed looking at these pictures and reading the post

  5. I like the way you described the things that the people in humanities did. The Pictures were very good but the picture with the skype call was very blurry so I want you to next time go more closer and take a picture. But overall I think that you did a good job. Ps. I like the way you putted captions in all the pictures. I think that this helped the reader understand more about it.

  6. Gian, I think your post was very interesting. I liked the way you explained deeply in paragraphs everything your class did and the way you put the pictures to match everything you wrote. I also liked how you put captions on every picture to explain what each one was clearly and detailed. Overall, your post was great! Keep up the good work!