Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Class on Monday, 11/11!

Today it was such an exciting day where we learned a lot more about apartheid in South Africa.  But first, we had to guess what we would be learning about.  We broke up into groups to do that.  We finally figured out that it would be about homelands.  Homelands are places where black people were forced to live due to apartheid.  

We did some map analysis after this.  We looked closely at where apartheid was, what was produced there and how small the land would be for so much people.  We answered questions to go with the map.
Natalia and Brenna are working really hard

We organized it in a table on a poster.  We could clearly tell that the whites got better treatments than the blacks.  They got better of almost everything such as the products, the lands, and the population of the whites are only 20% of the country which made the whites have a lot of lands.

Then we did some close reading about homelands, and how everything started in 1910.  We highlighted keywords and used strategies to do our close reading.  It helped us get more information and write a better historical fiction.

Then we finally reflected about the reading.  Ms. V, we loved our class today!

Written by Nana, the class scribe


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  1. I really liked how you were professional and tried your best to keep the blog post interesting but at the same time informative !