Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Humanities Class, November 13

Humanities Classby Gian

Nov. 13, 2013

        Today, we started off completing our do now, that was about apartheid living conditions between whites and blacks. After that, we shared our answers with the person next to me, and all the class was sharing their answer.  Then, Ms. Vallillo explained our purpose and she told us what would be our agenda for today.  A few moments later, we went over the do now, so we could check and understand what we were learning today.

Our Do Now
Ms. Vallillo going over the Do Now with the class.

On every class, we have a purpose of what we are learning.
       At the same time, Camila and Natalia were writing down some apartheid key facts. We learned about the differences between whites and blacks in: population, doctors, jobs, taxable income, average incomes, and others. We then received back our questions about apartheid, that we wrote before. Ms. Vallillo told us that we needed to keep an eye out to see if we could find the answers to our questions.
Camila writing some apartheid: key facts

Natalia writing some apartheid: key facts


My question about apartheid. (I've got the answer.)
       We then opened our close reading document so we could continue it. We needed to read a text, and this text had three parts: A, B, C. Days before, we read the section we were supposed to and we needed to answer the questions of our section in a document, and today we needed to share out our answers from the section we read with someone who read a different section than you, so you could get the answers from their section, so you could complete the document. But before sharing with someone who read a different section that me, I, and the class, shared our answers with someone who read the same questions, just to check our answers. We had a little time to finish the document, and then, we went sharing.

Checking answers with someone who read the same section,

I read section A.

Sharing our answers and explaining what our section was about to  people who read a different section as me.


         We started off explaining what my section, section A, was about. While I was sharing it, the other person took notes on the document so he or she could complete it. Then, the other section shared and I needed to take notes on the document.

Close Reading Document

        Then, together as a class, we answered the synthesis questions, on the bottom of the document. After all of this, we reflected on our question and, in our head, we thought if the question was answered. On a green sheet, we needed to write any last questions we had, and I wrote: Why did discrimination against blacks started? What was the reason for it?

Synthesis Questions on the Close Reading document
        After a long day of hard work and sticking lots of knowledge into our brains, our homework was to do nothing! (We could start reading the book if we wanted to, but though it is only for tuesday, it was optional for today.)

No homework!


  1. I really liked how you used time descriptors, so that the order in which the class occurred was clear. Also, the photo's and their captions made all the activities vivid in our mind, because we could use one of our 5 senses, looking. Great job!

  2. Gian, I think that you were very detailed and explained what happend in class clearly. You added pictures witch is very good. However, you went above and beyond and to each picture you added an explanation. Good Job!

  3. Gian,
    I really liked how you explained everything in details, and the photos were really good meaning that it was worth it to put them because it helps me know what we did. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like how you put the screenshot of the google doc that we did in class the other day. I think the readers will understand what specific questions we focused on while we did our class work. I also like how you put your work (the example) of what we did in class.

  5. I really liked how you were very detailed and if I wasn't here the day that you post it I would still know what happened. I think that also putting the pictures as you did was also really good. I hope that our future class scribe's can write a post as good as this one.

  6. Gian, I think this was great blog post! You mentioned everything we did, but not just listed, you explained what it was. I really think you didn't miss anything and all the photos related and were with good quality. Also, I really liked how under each photo you put a caption so we knew who and what they were doing. Very good!

  7. I really liked that you put the pictures in order of what we did, also you explain what was the picture about. Another thing is that they look awesome the pictures and what you wrote about it Great Job!!!!!!

  8. I liked your post because you explained EVERYTHING that we did in class step by step and I also liked how at the end you included a picture of no homework. Although, I think the only thing you need to work on is grammar. You made a few mistakes in how you were saying things. Overall, I think your post was great.

  9. Gian, I really liked how you put the photos in order from the beginning of the class to the end. I also enjoyed that you put a lot of facts and made the blogpost become really awesome. You made a very creative job in putting 2 photos and writing what the photos was about in the middle. You did an AWESOME JOB as being our class scribe!

  10. I liked how you added that we had no homework and this is the first blog post I have seen that does this type of thing. Also, your photos are amazing! they are so perfect and I love the captions you put under thm that described everything!

  11. Wow that post was amazing I never saw one like that. What I loved about the post was that obviously you put a lot of effort into it and of course you also payed close attention to class. I also liked the pictures that you took and those where high quality but also the connection in-between text, captions, and pictures.

  12. Gian, I liked how you said "And then we did this..." Instead of just saying, "We did this and this..." You put it in order which is one of the things I liked. I also liked how you took pictures and then wrote about it. Not just taking pictures, and not explaining them, but pictures that mattered and then explaining them. It was a little repetitive but I still understood it. I think it would have been nice if you had taken a picure of the 'Parking Lot' with the questions at the end. Other than that, nice job, Gian.

  13. I Really liked your post it gives us a nice overview of the day which helps the people who werent here know what to do.


  14. Gian, I like how you told specifically what you did in the Humanities group that day so someone who was reading the post would understand if they weren't there. I also like the caption for the picture about what was happening in the photo.

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