Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our class on November 6th, 2013

Today in class we started out working on our Do Now about Historical Fiction.  While working on our do now we had to read a quote and then summarise what the quote was saying. Once we finished the exercises Ms.Vallillo checked it with the class and helped us understand what the answers meant so that we understood more how to do our books about the Soweto Uprising. 

This was our Agenda for the class of today

After we finished the Do Now, Ms.Vallillo gave us an introduction to our Final Project about the Soweto Uprising. Later, we started working on our "What ifs..". For our what ifs we had to brainstorm some ideas. Once we finished writing some What ifs sentence we chose to persons to pare up with. One of the persons was for the first round and the other for the second. When we met with our first partner we talked about our what ifs, after they had to comment on the What if they liked more of the ones we wrote and they explained why.

Getting off to work on our What ifs...

For todays class we focused on two learning targets:

Working on Problems in Fiction as a class...

Sharing some of our ideas with the class..

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