Thursday, November 7, 2013

Class Today!

We started off by the due now which was just to read our book, One Day Lily, One Day, and answer some simple questions.

Then, we filled out a form about the main character from One Day Lilly One Day to look deeper into writing our book
Then, we walked around the classroom to look at pictures to get us inspired about our main character. We all took a picture from the floor or chairs to keep it as and idea.

So, after the Gallery Walk, we went back to our seats to complete a form on our drive called "Historical Fiction Brainstorming and Planning 2: Main Character Questionnaire" where we filled out all of this personal info about our character for our short story due at the end of the quarter. 

To conclude the day, we made a summary of our story using the format "someone ... wanted ... but ... so ..." Everyone had a great idea and were ready for their stories!