Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our class on November 6th, 2013

We started of the day with the due now which was about what is fiction. How hard is it to mess up or do good. We also read quotes about fiction and tried to figure out what those quotes meant. We discussed it and Ms. Vallillo had us explain what the answers were together to help us with writing out Soweto Uprising books.

Then, we went into an activity where we listed problems that could happened, below, about the Soweto Uprising and racism for our fiction stories. With that, we listed on a document with all of the problems. There were tons.

After that, we wrote "what ifs" to come up with good scenarios to make our creative sides flow for our stories. We had to "speed date" to have people tell us feedback on our ideas like favorite idea, what could improve, what they like, give suggestions, and the realistically.

Our homework is to...

(Choose and highlight one of our ideas that we came up with, by Wednesday, and read "One day, lily, one day"and HW sheet by friday)

By: Claudia Nañez, your class scribe

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