Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Class Today

Written by Camila acting as Class Scribe
November 5, 2013

This is a quick Agenda of what we did today:
-Do Now: Quiz
-Lit Circle Observer Role
-Lit Circle #2
-Intro into final project

First, today in Humanities, we opened our laptops and completed the Literature Circle quiz about the chapter we read before, The Noose.

After we finished the quiz, Ms. V introduced to us the Observation Sheet, and while a "Literature Circle Group" did their conversation and Ms. V took notes on the Observation Sheet. Later, the members from the show Literature Circle to observe the real Literature Circle Groups and then they reflected and gave feedback on the group.

Giving Feedback

Show Literature Discussion Group

After, we reflected on our discussion in a blog post, and answering some debrief questions Ms. Vallillo gave us.


  1. I really liked the way you organized each photo with great explanation about it. Everytime I forget something, I visit the blog. Also, if someone doesn't comes to school, he or she can see this!

  2. Cami, I really like the caption on some of your pictures. I really got what happened in class, detailed, so I think that this would make everything clear for everybody. Also, this was really organized in the order of the things we did in class. Overall, I love your post!

  3. I agree with Gian. The way that you organized and explained each picture was great! Keep it up.

  4. I liked your post because you added "captions" to the pictures you took. I think the pictures are perfect for what we did in class. I also think your idea to put the class agenda was a good idea because that way if somebody didn't understand what was happening at that moment, they could just look at the agenda. Although, I do think it would be a good idea to include the learning targets of the day.

  5. Great post Camila! I liked how you had a lot of description when writing about what you did in class. Next time, try an filter out some of your pictures. By this, i mean try and only choose the best pictures, not all of them. This will make the post look much better. Awesome job!

  6. Camila, I really think you did a great job. I think that the organization of your blog post was great like the way each photo was organized by time. The photos you took really described the class and were good quality. Also good job on summarizing and explaining! -JP

  7. I liked the way that you put captions on each picture discribing what the people were doing. I also liked how you organized the homework, learning targets and agenda area.

  8. I really liked how you put a picture and wrote something about it. Also your pictures are about everything we did in class. Keep up the good work!

  9. I really like the way you organized today's lesson. The descriptions were very good in your writing. But I think that the photos that you took are not very on topic. Like the Second Last picture with me. That was nothing to do with our class today. If there is something to do with the class for today I would like you to comment on my comment about it. Bur overall nice quality work that you have done!