Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Awesome Class Today!

Sorry for being late to post this.

We started off with doing the do now and doing a short quiz about the chapter One Day Lily, One Day in Out of Bounds.

Then, we got into our groups to start our literature circle.  There were several different groups and we tried to accomplish the goals that we had set for the last literature circle.  We asked questions and used evidence from the book.

While we did that, 1 person from another lit circle group came to observe us to see what we did well and what we can improve.  They learn too by looking at other people's discussions.  We then set a goal.

Gian is note-taking all of the
things we did well and what we did bad on.

And put it on the bulletin board

Then Ms. Vallillo told us a surprising news about the interview with Bena Kallick.  We did a research on Ms. Kallick in the google doc below.  We are really lucky because we are the only class that is doing this in the whole 6th grade!
This is what she said.
This is the form we filled out.
We saw Ms. Tolisano's blog for help, too.  We came up with some questions we were going to ask in the interview.

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  1. I liked the photos that is connected to the explanation, and I also liked the way you specifically explained in order what we did in humanities class.