Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28 Class Scribe! Maya

We begin the day by highlighting our Do Now, a part of a "Out of Bounds" story.  In blue was the sensory words, yellow was the dialogue, and in green action verbs. That way we could find new ways to describe and develop our story so that it is engaging.

 Next, we had a writing time to finish, if possible, our 1st draft of our historical fiction narrative. While we worked, Ms.Vallillo went from student to student, making sure how we were doing and help us improve it. Our main focus on the story was adding: strong action verbs, dialogue, and sensory details.

For homework, we have to finish our 1st draft of our story, if not already done, for Monday. Unfortunetely, for today is a half day, we had only 50 minutes of class, so time flew by!

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