Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Todays Humanities Class - Class Scribe

Today in humanities we started out by doing our "do now" which we need to reflect about our story. After that we talked with our partners about our story and shared our strengths and weaknesses with our class.

After that we started talking about our learning targets and underlining important words about our learning targets.
Next, Ms.Vallillo asked the class questions about dialogue and how you punctuate dialogue so the students don't do wrong things in their story. The class had really good comments about that, they new what they were talking about.  With that we needed to flip our "do now"and read a little story highlighting  dialogue in yellow sensory words in blue and strong action verbs in green. We also needed to respond a question with our partner about what the word "black" in the story show the reader and make other connections to the story. 


After that, Ms.Vallillo put the instructions in a post-it note of the things we needed to do for the end of the class. 
With that, the students started working very hard so they could do everything correctly and have everything done for the day. Ms.Vallillo and Mr.Mariani also helped the students to elaborate their story and make questions so nothing was wrong and to see where they were in their story.

This was how our class was today! With all the hard work I think todays class was awesome! Don't forget the homework for tomorrow! First draft story needs to be done!

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