Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Humanities Today - Class Scribe

Today in our humanities we started out by reading a text and answering some questions. In this text, we needed to highlight important things about Nelson Mandela. We also needed to respond some questions about the text.

Next we needed to read a text abou Nelson Mandela or Stephen Biko and highlight important
kew words and information. After reading the text we needed to make a summary for that text. Later, Ms.Vallillo made groups of 3 and in those groups we needed to share our summaries and ask questions of what we did not understand.

 After a long time writing summaries and asking questions we needed to reflect a little about South Africa.

Afterwards Ms.Vallillo gave us a sheet so we could give a feedback for ourselves and read her feedbacks and afterthat we could start revising our own text on the document.


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