Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th Class!

We started of the class by following the do now: open all our writing resources and reread our beginning of first draft of our historical fiction story narrative. Next, we filled with Ms.Vallillo's assitance, the Peer Critique, a rubric that explained what was a quality narrative lead. With our desk partners, we shared our comments and opinion about the two narrative leads, and discussed what made them quality or not examples. Also, we went over the learning targets: I can orient my reader in an engaging and compelling way, and, I can develop my characters with narrative techniques.

After revising our leads, we continued the drafting of our stories for about 20 minutes. While students wrote nonstop, Ms.Vallillo checked individually with some of us making sure we were on the right track.
Later on, we met in partners to access and critic our stories, both positive and negative feedback. To guide us through the critique, we used our due now rubric. Unfortunetely, there was no time to review all the corrections at class, but we may still see them after class in our draft 1 document.

Finally, this class ended! However, we have to finalize our reading on the book, "Out of Bounds" and complete the reading sheet for tomorrow(Tuesday).
Writing Stage

By Maya

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