Monday, November 25, 2013

Humanities Scribe Peter Talking

Today when class started we did the Do Now which was writing or improving more on our Historical Fiction Stories
After we finished the Do Now we had to look at the back of the Do Now and see what makes an engaging, compelling, orient and clear narrative leads for our historical fiction story.
Now that we learned about what makes a good narrative lead and what makes a bad narrative lead we paired up with some people and looked at each other's narrative lead. We had to give them some cool feedback which are feedback that you tell people what they can improve on and warm feedback which are feedback when you say things that the person did well on. After some Cool and Warm feedback we gave them a grade to see how he/she is doing on the narrative lead.

After that Ms. V told us the Homework and class was over!

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  1. Peter, I really liked how you explained what we did in class. I also think you should improve on spelling and grammar. I think this because you said "warm feedback are " When it should have been "Warm feedback is" But afterall, it was great!