Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Humanities Class -(Class Scribe- Diogo)

 1.   Today in Humanities block 4 we did lots of things. Our first job was to finish the Out Of Bounds quiz from the chapter "The Gun".

2.    The second thing we did this class was Literature circle. People were supposed  to sit in a circle and talk about the chapter they just read that is called "The Gun". There was a observer to each group and his job was to observe the group give points for people such as being prepared, speaking etc. And the observer also needed to speak to the group and say what they went well and what can they improve.

Observation sheet                                                         Book

3.   After the Literature circle our job was to summarize in a paper about how was the Lit circle and how you think you was in the discussion and st goals for the next meeting.

4.   5 minutes after we needed to do a sheet that was named Short Story Structure. In this sheet we needed to write about the chapter "The Gun"And write about the character, What was the climax, The problems that the main character was facing and every other thing that was important to the chapter we read.

5. After we needed to brainstorm our historical fiction in a google drive document named Historical Fiction Brainstorming and Planning 3. Story Outline your name.


6. Then the class ended!!


  1. Good job! I really liked how you number the steps, so that the order of the class was clear. Also, the photographs and their captions made it even better for the reader to understand the mood of the class by using one of his 5 senses. Keep it up!

  2. One more time, a great blog post. I can see perfectly the order of events and I really liked the way you inserted photos connected to the explanation.

  3. I really like your post because I can really tell what we are going to do today in sequence. It had reasonable pictures too. In my opinion, I think this chapter was really exciting out of the book. I think it would be really fun to have the conversation!

  4. I like how you made everything listed by numbers so that we could clearly see what happened exactly. But, you had a typo, this is it "And write about the character, What was the climax, The problems that the main character" See all of the capitals? Still, you did a very nice job and I think it was good, especially since you posted it very quickly!

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