Thursday, November 14, 2013

Class Scribe Humanities

Today it was great because first for homework we had to read the type writer and fill out the paper with the questions.So first off we started with a Quiz for the chapter.

Right after that we went into our literature groups.We had an amazing discussion about the chapter the type writer.It was really cool because we understood the chapter more.Because this chapter for some people was confusing.But the great thing is that we got to hear what other people think about this chapter.We also had to ask questions and share our summaries to our group.

When we finished that we used the rest of the time to work on a poppet about our stories.We also used our time to brain storm ideas for our stories.

So this is what we did this class.


  1. When is the chapter, "The Gun"'s reading due?

  2. Simon I think I did a very good job on the explanation of what happened in the class, but I think that it will be better if you put more pictures to explain what happened in the class. Overall Good Job!

  3. The type writer was a great chapter!

  4. I liked how you put a screenshot of the quiz, of your popplet and a photo of your homework. But did we have any homework ?