Friday, October 25, 2013

3rd day of learning about The Soweto Uprising

We started our class today with our Do-Nows. We had a few assignments to complete in our blog and OUR "Unit 2 Investigation" Packet which talked about the Soweto Uprising. Our class seems very excited with theme and I hope that it is a good unit for all of us!

Our class agenda is:
-Do Now: Summary 2
-Intro to Analyzing Persepective
-Perspective on Soweto (part 1
-Debrief+add to poplet

Learning Targets:
-I can write a factual summary without personal bia about texts about the Soweto uprising
-I can analyze the limits+values of different perspectives of Soweto

-Read "Murphy Marobe's" perspective
-Fill in the section of the chart for him

The second thing that we did is that we answered questions on page 6 of the packed. The questions were about the text we read yesterday (p.8-p.10). The questions were basically about the protest that happened in June 16, 1976 better known as the Soweto Uprising. The Soweto uprising was basically a protest that native South Africans students organized because they didn't want to learn the language Afrikaans. They didn't want to learn because it was the language that the White South Africans used to insult them. Alot of people died, about 550, and even more people got hurt.

The third thing that we did is we did a sheet about the author's perspective. We talked values, limits and people point of views of things. We basically learned that everyone has a different point of view. It doesn't matter if you think like the person or you are open minded you still have a different point of view of things than any other person in the world.

Later we did a chart talking about different points of views of people who were present in the Soweto Uprising. We first talked about Colin Eglin a police officer who was there and saw and killed many people. You might think that he is a horrible person but he is not he had a job and he had to do it. The other person we talked about and saw a video about her was Murphy Morobe she was there too put in the other side of the protest. She saw her little brother get killed by an officer. Her little brother was the first person to get killed in the soweto Uprising. And later we dicussed about the video with our partner(s).

By Joey
25-27 class scribe


  1. Joao,
    I really liked the pictures that you chose to show what we did in class today. I also liked that you didn't write a lot so that it wouldn't get boring. Something that I found really important was that you wrote the things in the order we did in class, so that it wouldn't get confusing. And thatnk you for writing the homework at the beggining of the post, I almost forgot about it.

  2. João,
    I really think you did a very good job on the pictures you took that basically really showed what we did in class. You also described what we learned and did very good that made me feel if we were there again. Keep up the good job.
    Today in class I was very interested in all the history from important moments in the Soweto Uprising like Antoinette, the sister of the fist victim and the police man. This really helped me know and go deep into the moments of the riot. I really liked learning more about this riot!