Thursday, October 24, 2013

Learning about the Soweto Uprising in Humanities

Everyone in the class getting ready to learn.
     On October 24, 2013, Ms.Vallillo's humanities class had one of the most exiting humanities classes ever, they learned all The Soweto Uprising. They learned the facts, dates, times, reasons, and causes for all the chaos on that horrible day in 1976.

     From the minute class started, Ms.Vallillo instructed the students to write a blog post about what they thought the Soweto Uprising was, based on the little knowledge they already had. After all students successfully completed the blog post, Ms.V showed the students a few pictures of The Uprising itself and they were supposed to write down what they saw, thought and what the wondered about the picure. 2 of the pictures showed a group of students protesting before the mass killing happened, the other one showed what looked like a pair of teenage siblings carrying a small child and running from someone.
Gabe and Mateos working hard.

     After everyone wrote down what they saw, thought, and the questions they had about the picture, the class got into the juicy stuff. Ms.V gave everyone in the class a 3 page article about the Soweto Uprising. In this article, the author gave all kinds of information about everything from names of people that died to the exact times of the protests. When everyone finished reading, the class engaged in a big discussion about what they learned during the reading.
Gian learning about The Soweto Uprising

     As you can all tell, this class every student in the room learned a lot and this class class will defiantly be what every single student looks back to during the rest of the unit.

Written by Jack Mariani acting as class scribe



  1. I really liked today's class because I really learned a lot of the history of the Soweto Uprising that was a new thing for me. The only thing i knew was that many people died and fought in the city Soweto because of what the Afrikaans (Europeans) had done to their lives. I really learned a lot more and details of what happened before and after. I really enjoyed learning about this. Jack, this again was a great blog post and you didn't miss anything. Also the photos were great. You didn't miss anything! Congrats!

  2. Even though I am not in your class,
    in my class we probably did the same things and I think you did a good job on explaining what you did today. I also liked the quality and the captions of the photos. I can see you put thought into this post and I think you did a really good job.

  3. I enjoyed the class of Humanities today, because I got to get more realistic facts about Soweto Uprising. I really like learning about the past, and I love this new unit! I just can't wait to learn about it in a deeper way! Jack, you did an excellent job on todays blog post! One thing that I really liked about your post of today is how you explained in details what we did today!
    Great job!
    - Natalia

  4. I enjoyed Humanities class a lot today. I learned many new things such as who was in the Soweto Uprising and why the students in the Soweto Uprising were protesting. I enjoyed your post. It was very clear and specific. Keep it up!

  5. Your class sounds like they are really interested and exited about this unit. In our class, I learned that the students from a black school were protesting the teaching of their classes in Afrikaans. It was the students who were protesting because it was they who would be taught the classes and they didn't want to be taught in it because the people who spoke it were running their parents like they were animals.

  6. I really liked your blog post.Because unlike other blog post everybody is concetrated.I think that learning about the Soweto uprising is interesting and serious.Because this time was when everybody was suffering.It's interesting because it's something new that I didn't learn.I think when I learn more this is going to be really cool.Because right now I don't know a lot so I think were going to learn a lot.Jack I think that this was a great blog post.

  7. I agree with you about the exciting day because it made me concentrate better on the work today. I learned new vocabularies, new events of the history, and much more. I got to know the 5W1H of the Soweto uprising such as: Why did this happen, or where it happened.
    Jack, I think your post is cool because it has clear details on the work and the overview of the day. I also like how you put captions under each post. You might can improve on the spelling, but otherwise, it is awesome!

  8. Then captions are really awesome, Jack! How do you add them to photos?

    1. When you insert a photo, there will be a few options that come up under the photo like size, and placement of the image. On the same little tool bar there is something that says "add caption". I you press that than you can add a caption.

  9. I agree with you, I think that since we were so anxious to find out what The Soweto Uprising was, we worked really hard and concentrated. I found out what it was and thought it was like any other protest, this one was different and is a big part of history. I think everybody agrees with what you wrote today. I also like how you don't just add a sentence to explain what we did in class. You give details.

  10. I, also, agree with, that this humanities class was one that was very intrigued and interested. This class I learned that the Soweto Uprising was held mostly by students that were revolted with their education, the quality, information being taught, and that they would start having classes in Afrikaans. I wonder if Afrikaans is a mixture of European languages like Yidish, because the Afrikaaners came from Europe, but was it from the same country? Some photos that I observed in the gallery from last class with writings in Afrikaan on it, was that it reminded me a bit of German. I really liked your photographs and how you added specific captions to each one of them. Good work!

  11. Today was very fun in Humanities because we learned a lot of new information and Details about Soweto Uprising. I like that we are learning the past because I don't know a lot of things about it. Jack very nice photos you have, and again it is awesome the blog keep up the good work!

  12. I agree with this post to because in humanities class it was a very interesting class. A lot of things that I didn't understand on our fist class about the soweto uprising. I am very excited about this unit and I want to learn more about this topic. And nice post Jack I hope I will do one as good as yours today.