Monday, June 1, 2015

Class Scribe

-Think Of Ideas
-Think Of How You Could Do It

       First we worked on our research for the project. In this we researched what we wanted to learn about. Some people choose woman's rights, child labor or even poverty. For information some people went back to the videos we watched yesterday and others went to websites. With the research on our project you would then put it in your presentation. If you had trouble doing this you could ask Ms. V. Also, if you found a good cite you can put it on the document with the links, so others can use it.
Everyones name and what they are doing.
      While we were working on this we took a brake and everyone wrote what they were doing on the board. Once everyone finished writing their names, we went back to working. Once you thought you had enough information you had to figure out how to solve the problem you choose.

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